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Sam Jacobsen, SENIOR Editor

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I’m excited to leave high school, it’s as simple as that.  I do not mean to say I didn’t enjoy high school…That I’m not grateful for the time I had, but I’m ready to move on.  It’s an odd feeling.  It’s more bitter-sweet than I thought it would be.  I find every day that I’m wishing that it would all just hurry up and be over with.

hurry up, i’m done!

But on other days…On slow rainy days when the incense of memory is particularly potent in the air, I find myself longing for the fun times I had.

man, i really miss that…

I wish I could go back and relive some of those distinctly high school moments.  I wish I had done things differently.  I should have tried certain things, talked to certain people, taken certain chances.  However, I am not displeased with the choices I made, the chances I took, the people I met.  It’s an odd feeling which I love, while also wishing I never have to feel it again.

It’s the pull of life and its complexities.  Existence is an ocean that I have floated on, and the lines tying me to childhood are beginning to pull and snap.  That’s okay though.  That’s how it’s meant to be.  People get older, they move away from home, they find themselves out in the sea.  I’m heading out in that direction now, as are many of my friends.

It’s a completely unique kind of anticipation: it’s terror, and hope, excitement, and dream all mixed into one.  I, like many of my classmate, am anxious about the future, but find myself rushing quickly into it with open arms and high expectations.  It seems as if the world’s my oyster, and I’m happy with that.

During my time as a Warrior I did many things.  I ran, I laughed, I worked, I didn’t always work as hard as I could, sometimes I worked too hard.  One thing I did was work with this paper.  The Odyssey!  A name that has become tightly bound to the very fiber of my being.  It’s been a friend at times; a mean to communicate what I think.  At other times it has also been a cold and cruel mistress.  The Odyssey.  A title which recalls fond memories while also invoking some of my angriest feelings.  It’s my work, my pride…And also the most frustrating pile of letters in the universe (of this I am sure).  But, no matter how unrelentingly it has beat my will, I care for it quite a bit, and I want to see it flourish to what it can be.  I see great things in its future.  I see smart kids with even smarter words.  I see readership like the paper never saw in my time.  Most importantly, I see a new generation of Warriors formed by the memories had in Newspaper.

What is one of the biggest regrets I have from high school?  Not writing all I wanted to write for the paper.  There was more I had…More I had wanted to do.  But, I think this is it for me.  This is my last entry for the paper, and that’s okay…That’s life.  To anyone else who loves to write, I suggest you do it as often as possible and do it here, because this is a place where you can write not only for others, but yourself.  And I have come to believe that writing for yourself is one of the most important things in life.

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