Centaurus Theater Rises from “The Dead”

Ava Atkinson

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These past two weekends I went to see the newest installment from the Centaurus Thespians Club; I was pleasantly surprised by the whole production. I liked this production so much that I went to see it three times. There were so many great performances by both of the casts that I saw.

“The Liar” presented by Mr. Novatka and the Thespian Club had many twists and turns and a fun interactive environment for the audience. Throughout the play the actors called out members from the audience personally, pulling audience members on-stage and even adding them to the storyline of the play.

There were many hidden gems throughout the play that I thoroughly enjoyed, such as wordplay and references, including many nods to the popular song “All About That Base” by Meghan Trainor. Every time I saw the play I heard a new joke or tidbit, so the show was always interesting. Also, there were a lot of funny moments between Caio Gajdys and Cooper McCormick in the background.

The final aspect of the play that made me want to come back again and again were the little differences between each show. Not only did different casts provide a new take on their roles, but there was also a lot of improv. Even with the same actors playing the same roles there were different lines and jokes to go along with each showing of the play.

Rumor has it that the musical in the spring will be “Urinetown” a comedy about a town where you have to pay to go to the bathroom. If that production is anything like this play, I highly recommend that all Centaurus students go to see it.




Arlecchino– Aaron Updike and Daniel Niewohner

Beatrice– Jill Kolman and Sophie Bilello

Brighella- Berit Stormo–Flanagan and Kate Johnson

Columbina– Amber King and Kristen Huth

Doctor Balanzon– Derek Haines and Timothy Melor

Flautinos– Caio Gajdys and Cooper McCormik

Florindo– Noah Brown and Zaven McCarthy

Lelio– Lexi James and Will Hopkins

Ottavio- Aidan Benson

Pantalone- Derek Haines and Jacob Aychman

Rosaura- Grace McNutt and Nicole Rosen

Scoochio- Erica Mellon and Kiera Benson

The Crew:

Props and costumes-

Maggie Reed, Aubrey Schatz, Rachel Ledford,

Tatiana Medina, Emma Walgreen, Nichele Trujillo,

Tayler Kauper and Meghan Daly


Cameron Hall, Alex Pulford, Alex Amour, Emma Cooper,

Maddie Wright, Corby Tobin and Jordan Hammer

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Centaurus Theater Rises from “The Dead”