New Staff Member Anne-Marie Lavoie

Anne-Marie Lavoie is a freshman at Centaurus High School. She was born in Louisville, Colorado. Her favorite period is seventh because she thinks Mr. Jackson is funny. Her favorite classes are math and science because those are the two subjects she's the best at. Her least favorite subject is Spanish because that class is the hardest for her.

Lavoie has been playing volleyball for two years now, and one of the things she likes about it is learning the sport itself. One of the things that makes her happy is hanging out with her friends and laughing together with them. If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to Italy because it’s a beautiful place. Her favorite animal is a cat, and her favorite color is either red or blue. As far as her childhood goes, it was fairly normal. Her parents got divorced when she was four. When Lavoie was five, she got a step-sister. She now has a two year old brother. She’s moved a total of three times, all within the state of Colorado.

Anne-Marie Lavoie, Reporter

Sep 25, 2014
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