More Than a Man–A Coleman
At a first glance Coleman looks like any other teenage boy, but a dig deeper into Mr. Dickson’s self, and a myriad of complex views come to surface.

The first thing that surfaces is Mr.Dickson’s undaunting love for music.  A young musician himself, Mr. Dickson has performed at many venues, including a gig in Memphis Tennessee, which he enjoyed quite a bit.  In fact, one of his most memorable moments in his life was performing with his friends at Dicken’s Opera House in Longmont CO.

From there would arise his love for family and friends.  He enjoys seeing his family when he can, and when he has free time it’s not unlikely to find him amongst his friends and those he cares for.  It is no surprise that Mr. Dickson has so many things, being that he is a generally just man.  “I think sometimes I feel guilty about things, and sometimes I make the wrong decision, but I feel that I’m a fair and nice person,” he claims to little dispute.  

Mr. Dickson is not only a musician, but an athlete as well, having played everything from soccer to hockey and back again.  He has a love for writing; in particular the writing involved in news and journalism.  That is not to say, of course, that any of these things he holds in such high esteem as music.  

Mr. Dickson believes that the world moves too slow, and that they way it moves doesn’t makes sense.  He can’t sit still for long, loves peanut butter, and thinks dogs have loads of personality.  The Odyssey is lucky to have him on-staff, and there are many great songs he has yet to write.

Coleman Dickson, Writer

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