The Big Woman on Campus: Erin Jenkins
Erin Jenkins is the senior editor of our lovely newspaper at Centaurus. Echoing the sentiment of many seniors when speaking about her goals she said: “My biggest goal for senior year would be to graduate.”  As for her post secondary goals, she would like to go to a college “hopefully at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington” to meet new people and compete on her college swim team. While in college, she hopes to major in “something concerning health, wellness, nutrition,  or fitness.” After college she plans to “see where life takes [her].” Joining the Peace Corps is something that she would like to look into and possibly pursue after college.

Jenkins is a captain of the Centaurus swim team and enjoys being a leader of the group. In order to pursue these things she is striving to have a good swim season saying: “Let’s break some records!” Swimming is also her favorite extracurricular activity, specifically she swims the 50, 100, and 200 meter freestyle events, as well as the 200 Individual Medley. She loves it so much that she swims on three different teams! She does fall splash with RACE at Rally Sport, winter season with Centaurus and summer season with the Lafayette Seals. As well as swimming, she is taking nutrition classes at a small university in Boulder called Naropa University. These, among other activities, take up the majority of Jenkins’ time.

Because Jenkins is editor of our newspaper; I inquired about why she joined journalism class and she said: “Freshmen year I was just kind of put in the class because I wanted to take a language arts elective and I thought that being on the newspaper staff sounded like fun.” She stuck with it through the years because she thinks it’s fun she grew to love it.

Because of her love of journalism, she takes inspiration from a great female writer and actress: Emma Watson. “I’m truly am inspired by her because she is an advocate for women, while at the same time being a killer actress.” Jenkins states, “She stresses that you should be who you are, and I wholeheartedly agree with that.”


Erin Jenkins, Editor-in-Chief

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