The Marvelous Merritt Shepherd
Merritt Shepherd is a senior at Centaurus High School, and she is the newest member of The Odyssey staff. She joined newspaper because she wants to improve her writing skills, and she needed a 5th class to fill out her schedule. Her favorite extracurricular activity is swimming, and she is a captain of the Centaurus girls swim team. Her biggest goals as of the beginning of the semester are to graduate from high school, and then to attend an out of state college next year. Shepherd would also like to swim in college if the school she goes to has a swim team.

After college, Shepherd wants to travel, and is considering going into the Peace Corps. She said, “My dream job is to get paid to travel to developing countries and interact with the people who live there.” Shepherd has been to Australia, Honduras, Costa Rica, and is possibly going on a mission trip this summer to build houses in an impoverished country.

In her free time, Shepherd likes to sleep and watch Netflix, as well as hang out with friends. Throughout high school, she has played volleyball, softball and tennis and been on the swim and track teams. Shepherd said, “I have enjoyed all the sports teams I’ve been a part of throughout high school.”

Shepherd’s first choices for college are UC Santa Cruz and Cal Poly, she wants to go to school outside of Colorado because she wants something new and to have a change of pace.

Over the summer between high school and college, Shepherd is hoping to travel to Europe as well as Nepal and Indonesia, “I like to travel to other places around the world and experience how their culture is, and how it is different from mine,” said Shepherd.

Merritt Shepherd, Reporter

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